zondag, februari 13, 2011

kunst met verf in koffiebekers..


"I’m a firm believer that artistic ability cannot be taught unless you already have some talent that just needs developing. But I also believe that great art can be created just from an idea, and the video above is a perfect example.
A pedestal has been setup and a range of different colored paints poured into coffee cups you usually see people carrying out of a place like Starbucks. The paint is then poured over the top of the pedestal and allowed to run down the sides. One color just looks like a mess, but add several and then start repeating them and you end up with something that looks quite stunning.
It’s the work of artist Holton Rower who removes the pedestal the paint ran down to leave a painting formed on the base. You can see a number of finished pieces at the Holton Rower website.