zondag, november 20, 2011

Indie Game: Waar is mijn hart..

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"waar is mijn hart"..
Een mooi Indie Game concept van Gute Fabrik met mooi gebruik van gameplay.
link naar de game: http://gutefabrik.com/wimh.html

Lekker quick facts:

● Price point: 5 EUR

● Available platforms
PS3 and PSP minis on PlayStation Network

● List of features
-platform puzzle adventure
-unique/novel comic panel effect
-three avatars each of which can transform into one of the three super beings
(Rainbow Spirit, Bat King, Antler Ancestor)
-Rainbow Spirit can rotate the comic panels (non-linear mode of travel)
-Bat King can see and interact with secret and hidden platforms
-Antler can double-jump
-four different environments
-unique ambient sound for each level
-all music tracks and sound tuned in B minor, for an overall consistent aural experience

● Developer and Publisher name and link
Die Gute Fabrik