donderdag, juni 10, 2010

body motion to 3D..nice

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Gewoon mooi, Hoe het "tracen" van een menselijk lichaam tot mooie abstracte 3d modellen zou kunnen leiden.

Aol Phase 02 from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

Mooie animatie: Paper Plane

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Paper Plane from Margherita Premuroso on Vimeo.

En deze vind ik eigenlijk even mooi :-)

Credits from Margherita Premuroso on Vimeo.

Sony OLED Display lets' ROLL!

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Of course it's not quite finished product( yes, I see the distorted lines with dead pixels) but I certainly can see the future where we can use these techniques to make our clothes with("whatt should i upload on my shirt today)..

mm..30 degrees wash?

Today we roll the video, tomorrow we can fold,wash en wrinkle it.