woensdag, december 07, 2011

Pid, a beautiful platformer, due in 2012

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Wow! In 2012 komt er een mooie platformer aan van Might and Delight, een groep developers van veteranen en individuele ontwikkelaars  in de game industrie. "Pid". Van wat ik er uit kan halen wordt het een juweeltje met mooie gameplay en interactie. Check de video.

When a young schoolboy gets stranded on a remote old planet, a unique and eccentric journey begins. His search for a way off the planet takes him through cities and castles, attics and space stations into a dreamlike yet dangerous world. Along the way, he outsmarts a variety of malicious robots bent on stopping him and, befriends unlikely allies that start to shed light on a huge conspiracy that keeps the planet mesmerized and prevents him from ever reaching home.


Might and Delight
Pid is created and developed by Might and Delight, which was formed in early 2010. The core team has worked on various high profile titles but most notably on Capcom’s “Bionic Commando: Rearmed”. The company consists of both industry veterans and indie developers with a shared ambition to always prioritize playfulness and innovative ideas over established norms. To learn more about the company, visit http://www.mightanddelight.com.