donderdag, april 30, 2009

Great Little Flash Game

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Take some time to download and install the free version of this great little game. Great style and simple gameplay.

woensdag, april 29, 2009

donderdag, april 23, 2009

Spot the Difference!

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Spot the Difference! Simple and well produced

Old Sierra Games Gratis Online

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Check it out, old Sierra point and click games now free online :)

Warm van koud

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Denkend over waar Mr. Freeze zich goed zou voelen voelde dit als IJspiratie. Weliswaar de verkeerde pool, maar hele mooie beelden.

mijn naam is haas

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In the miraculous universe of Haas, the children experience adventures together with Haas. Though it is not only experiencing, the children can really participate and influence what happens in Haas’ world. The system fuses the child's drawings into the emerging story and uses an Intelligent Tutoring System to connect them to learning components, such as situations or specific words. While playing, children will learn and develop vocabulary, problem solving strategies and IT-skills in a playful environment. Scientific underpinning of the educational methods is provided by the Expertisecentrum Nederlands (National Center for Language Education). Extensive testing sessions on several schools in the Netherlands have already shown excellent results. mijn naam is haas

New Love (The Game) Video is up

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Check out the new Love (The Game) resources that have been uploaded by it's uber geeky creator. Rember a lot of this games content is created procedurally, so big respect to Mr maths genius

Prezi: Novel Online Zooming Presentation Editor

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Check out this nice zooming presentation tool, some nice interaction ideas in there.

woensdag, april 22, 2009

dinsdag, april 21, 2009

Flash op je tv

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ja nog meer flash op je televisie.. ijsfontein kan ook spelletjes doen..toch? dit hadden wij al eens eerder Flash op je tv | B R I G H T

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Maak een mooi kleurenschema met deze online tool

maandag, april 20, 2009

Award winning short: World Builder

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Check out this award winning short visualizing an applications user interface

Cops vs Clowns

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Bullet time again.
Philips :: Carousel campaign (Adam Berg + Stink Digital) from Designloops on Vimeo.

vrijdag, april 17, 2009

dinsdag, april 14, 2009


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"instructie video"

De makers van Samorist doen het weer. Machinarium

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Mooie muziek met mooie plaatjes. Alweer bekroond met prijzen Machinarium Preview 02 from Amanita Design on Vimeo.

Art-direction Left4Dead

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Zeer interessant stukje blog, over art-direction van het inmiddels al paar maanden oude Left4dead! Hierin worden onder meer verschillende level belichting technieken behandeld in overeenkomst met de instinctieve navigatie van de speler richting goed belichte stukken van een donker level. Lees en leer!

Gaia Online

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Ken je het al? Als je aanmeldt heb je een eigen avatar. Je kunt em aankleden en daarmee in de wereld van Gaia rondlopen, discussies voeren, spelletjes spelen. Het begon als een forum, maar het is nu veel meer. De site is gratis, maar er is een donatie systeem.

vrijdag, april 10, 2009

Bladerunner op z'n best

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"Ik ben niet jaloers, gewoon teleurgesteld!"

Blade runner in unreal3

donderdag, april 09, 2009

woensdag, april 08, 2009


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met koptelfoon kijken..
what the F$#@$

Kijken.. nu!

Omegle chat

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chat met nieuwe rage???

Men noemt het in de krant ook wel lijken op "Truckstop bathroom sex"

voorbeeld van een snelle chat die ik had:

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hey nehterlands here
Stranger: australia..
You: just got word of this servioce in the morning newspaper
Stranger: just saw it on a youtube vid..
You: you think this is goning to work?
Stranger: what's its aim ?
You: sorry bout the typos
You: quick and dirty typer i am haha
Stranger: np
Stranger: aha oh boy ;]
Stranger: or girl ?
Stranger: meh..
You: aim?.. i think is a counter"attack"
You: on all those profile sites
Stranger: oh i see..
Stranger: nice, takes the shallowness out
You: it would be boring to speak with people who do the same thing as you do
You: "oh you play tennis too....nice......bye"
You: likethat
Stranger: yeaah..
You: yeah shallownes
You: or maybe you are forced to have a shallow chat because you dont have anything
to talk about?
Stranger: just wondering, are yu male or female ?
You: male
You: why
Stranger: mmtrue..
Stranger: curious
You: why should it be important
You: mmm coulkd be important
Stranger: it's not important
You: but its an east q
You: uestion
You: whats your work
You: for instance
You: me im a designer in a interactive media company
Stranger: oh,
Stranger: i'm a student.
Stranger: 18.
You: making games installations for kids and younth]
You: youth
Stranger: nice..
You: haha so your chatting at school/college now?
You: or havingthe day off?
Stranger: it's 6pm here.
Stranger: andd, just got 3 weeks holidays.
You: well goodmorning
You: its 9:55
Stranger: pm would be evening. :P
You: yeez
Stranger: so yeh, goodmorning to you.
You: hehe
You: oh yeah evening ofcourse
You: may be ill do this again
Stranger: yah, this i actually quite like this site
You: its easy and quick
You: for sure
Stranger: something to do when i'm bored
You: hah a "casual chat"
You: like twitter
Stranger: yeh.. the things i'm hopeless at tbh
Stranger: nehh, i hate twitter.
You: but some body whos talking back
You: me too
Stranger: honestly, who is interested in every little thing someone does
Stranger: so concieted some people
You: its more about broadcasting then receiving
You: shouting your thoughts and actions
Stranger: yeah i made an account, logged on once, never again
You: haha improtant
You: hih
Stranger: pointless thoughts and actions more often then not
You: oh maaan
You: pffff
Stranger: lol.
Stranger: english your second language?
You: yeah i think twitter is filling a "gap" for some people
You: whoe have maybe no real friends?
You: i guess
Stranger: or run off attention.. like most of my peers
You: mm what do you mean
You: how do you use the word peers
You: (there goes my second language)
Stranger: on tiwtter, they speak about what theyre doing, in hopes of attention and interest
You: yeah
Stranger: just like irl, they speak about pointless things in hope of getting the spot light for a moment
You: still there must be some good behind that idea
Stranger: yeah, networking.
You: its a sort of diary
You: but i think nobidy should be readingit
Stranger: and,organisations or individuals with important announcements
Stranger: other then that it has no real use
Stranger: and, if people want a diary, just go to livejournal.
You: don;t know that one
You: is/was it cool?
You: well not cool
You: i mean does it work for a lot of people
You: does it have the mobile widgets or other quick "type in" functions?
Stranger: yeahh, i don't use it much, but allows you to post pictures/poems
/stories/etc and there's a lot of "communitys" on there, that supply to a whole range of interests

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
or send us feedback.

dinsdag, april 07, 2009

coole sites metveel filmpjes

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Chiptune/8-bit Cover Songs - Chunnel

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"Atomic" cover by Glomag f. stealthopera @ Blip Festival 2008 in NYC from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

fontpark is weer leuk

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hint: muiswheel = schalen van je letter
dubbelklik is dupliceer letter
sleep vierkant om letters om ze gezamelijk te selecteren

plaatjes maken met typografie

papervision 3d links

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uitleg en files vanaf een blog van een gast die in amsterdam FITC papervison een workshop heeft gegeven..evt interessant..

I landed in Amsterdam this morning at 8.15am feeling a little achey and strange after running the Brighton half marathon yesterday!

I’m just going over my presentation in my room, and I’ve just realised I haven’t actually uploaded the working files you’ll need to work along with me!

But don’t worry you can download them here!

It’s a Flex workspace so just point your FlexBuilder 3 at it and you’ll get all the example files.

See you at 4pm!

Download the source files.

en nog een link

en nog een link

Finger Tapping device

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maandag, april 06, 2009

vormgeving inspiratie

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klik op het plaatje voor de quicktime..
zo cool. het is een Showreel.
Laat je inspireren!

mooie animatie in karton

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van de welbekende makers PSYOP:

Druk daar op "play" voor de video.

mooie site met veel tentoonstellings plaatjes en meubels/objecten

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Snibbe Interactive Pieces exhibition

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mooie voorbeelden

donderdag, april 02, 2009

mucho icons

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papervision ribbon..

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Draw yourself with these ribbons made in flash with easing music.....

woensdag, april 01, 2009

Plainview for Mac Presentations?

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Bumbed into this on HackerNews. Plainview is a fullscreen browser for the Mac, with some simple functionality aimed at showing off websites in presentations. Might be worth a look for simplifying presentations of previous work?

upside down as feature in youtube

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YouTube - Tarte Tatin

coole sketches

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The Good,The Bad and The Ugly

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YouTube - Great Movie Scenes 1 of 50 - The Good,The Bad and The Ugly


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ja ook html dingetjes kun je cool tweenen. Kijk eens naar deze site en achter de grijze knopjes zijn telkens javascript animaties te vinden.. erg handig.