vrijdag, november 28, 2008

YouTube - ThatsMyFace.com - Quick Tour

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The moment

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The Moment:: A Short Film by Verena Fels and Csaba Letay

donderdag, november 27, 2008


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The world of 100

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Toby Ng Kwong To: “I used information graphics to re-tell the story in another creative way. I designed a set of 20 posters, which contain most of the information. I used simple vector graphics that related to a statistic in order to present the information in the simplest and most accessible way.”

Tee Design

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woensdag, november 26, 2008

Demor hoorgame

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Al wat ouder project, wel een goed voorbeeld voor een eventeel audio game van ons. Luister met je koptelefoon.

Loco roco 2

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loco roco 2 trailer

Escape from Rolando Central - Coming in December 2008 for iPhone and iPod touch

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Beetje Loco roco en Kirby..

Marshall Alexander

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Mooie papertoys! (met doe-het-zelf vouwplaten) via http://toysrevil.blogspot.com/search/label/papertoys

de 1000 gepasseerd..

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Tijd voor een feestje.

Bedankt iedereen snif snif..
ik wil mijn moeder bedanken voor alle zorg en de goede opvoeding..snif..

dinsdag, november 25, 2008


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Mooie kerstkaart van de MoMa. (wel een beetje duur)

maandag, november 24, 2008

Dyson Game

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Very nice game with simple gameplay (maybe too simple) and minimalistic vector graphics and a fitting ambient soundtrack

vrijdag, november 21, 2008

woensdag, november 19, 2008

La Grande Revue Philips

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Check out this animation made for Philips in 1938 quite nice for the time

Big Buck Bunny - at CyberThing.net

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Big Buck Bunny - at CyberThing.net


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There is an interesting MMOish indie game in development at the moment called Love. It's a one man development with an simple but effective visual style (its rawness reminds me of Darwinia). The gameplay looks to be a simple set also. Here's a trailer showing off the graphics engine, and here's an interview with the creator of the game You can build you own simple structures and form simple cities for storing objects you collect as you explore the world. Most world objects can then be controlled using keywords sent over the 255 available 'Radio' channels in the game You can link these systems together to form complex interacting systems, which are really the product of your mechanical and logical skills. The interesting part is that all channels can be listened to by everyone, so if you can figure out someones language, for controlling their security systems for instance, then you can sneak into their city. There should be some very nice emergent systems from this simple toolbox.

dinsdag, november 18, 2008


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Addictomatic searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. It's the perfect tool to keep up with the hottest topics, perform ego searches and feed your addiction for what's up, what's now or what other people are feeding on.
Bijvoorbeeld ijsfontein

beestjes om je heen..

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Oliver Jeffers

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Boeken en posters van Oliver Jeffers. In Nederland te koop via bol

maandag, november 17, 2008


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Monsterpreview: PEF from De Monsters on Vimeo.

Met PEF hebben ontwerpers een applicatie in handen waarmee zij op een visuele manier een ontwerpproces kunnen documenteren.



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experiment in interactive story-telling
online interactive strip serie met dope soundscapes

Wixel Swarm

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Swarm from Blendid on Vimeo.

expositie reAct in eindhoven tot januari


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En dan vragen ze nog waarom het zo'n feest is om hier te werken. En deze dan. Let op linksonder: verwante producten: poppers.

zaterdag, november 15, 2008


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ZuiGames; tja dat is vragen om grappen met zo'n naam, maar zo erg zuigen die games niet! ;) Kids Games on ZuiGames

woensdag, november 12, 2008

dinsdag, november 11, 2008

woensdag, november 05, 2008

maandag, november 03, 2008

Body navigation

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Body Navigation by Recoil Performance Group from ole kristensen on Vimeo.

Excepts from a modern dance performance that was part of the Danish Dance Theatre installation Labyrint by Tim Rushton, in Kaleidoskop K2, Copenhagen 2008. ole.kristensen.name/works/body-navigation/

Interactieve spiegel

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Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo.

Van de maker:
In an effort to dive deeper into HCI (Human Computer Interaction) by hacking together parts easily acquired, I set out to build something especially "non-computery" - introducing the Interactive Mirror. On paper, this construction looked like it'd be novel and fun. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was way more fun than expected once I fired it up.


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Dit vind Bart altijd zo mooi..ik ook http://www.designshard.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/skryingbreath5.jpg