dinsdag, juli 26, 2011

Pure Bronte shot with an HDSLR

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Golven en muziek van Emiliana Torrini. Oh hoe mooi en poetisch is het toch om die mix te zien in dit filmpje van Marcus O'Brien. Met zijn HDSLR (een digitale Spiegelreflex camera die HD kan filmen) heeft hij meerde mooi kunstwerkjes met slowmotion weten te vangen op het magische pixelvlak. 

Zo ook deze weer. Pure Bronte, opgenomen in Bronte (spreek uit Bront-ieee)
Kijk in HD en fullscreen ;-)

PURE BRONTE from Marcus O'Brien on Vimeo.

Op de site schreef hij dit:

"Another massive winter swell hit Sydney's coast over the last week generating monster sized waves putting on an impressive display of power and beauty along the coastline.

People spend hours and hours perched atop the cliffs at Bronte (pronounced Bron-tee) marvelling at the sheer power of the waves crashing to shore whilst observing surfers taking on the big swells. What do people think about as they look out onto the huge swells rolling in and crashing up against the shore? Always wondered.... and how therapeutic it is for so many people.
As it was a southerly swell generated by a huge low pressure system off Tasmania only a couple of Sydney's city beaches are rideable for the surfers - Bronte, my favourite beach and local, being one of them."

Indigo Zoom Productions is a Sydney based production company managed by cinematographer Marcus O'Brien delivering premium quality High Definition motion and still imagery across all media platforms - television, film and increasingly the web for clients in Australia and abroad.