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tips on how to develop your iphone app..

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usefull tips on what to think of when you're tryingto mak an iphone app.

how to make kids

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Microsoft en sensors

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Gelezen op engadget: Microsoft Research patents controller-free computer input via EMG muscle sensors

We've seen plenty of far-fetched EMG-based input methods, like the concentration-demanding, head-based NeuroSky controller, but Microsoft Research is asking for a patent that involves much simpler gestures -- and might actually make a bit of sense. As demonstrated in the video after the break, Microsoft's connecting EMG sensors to arm muscles and then detecting finger gestures based on the muscle movement picked up by those sensors. It does away for the need of a pesky camera (or Power Glove) to read complicated hand gestures, and can even sense modified versions of the gestures to be performed while your hands are full. Microsoft's developing a wireless EMG sensor module that could be placed all over the body, and while like all Microsoft Research projects this seems pretty far from market, there's a small, optimistic part of us that could see some of the benefits here for controlling mobile devices. And boy do we love controlling mobile devices.