donderdag, november 05, 2009

The Flex OLED VAIO Laptop

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super dunne schermpjes in de toekomst

en nog meer prototypes in dit filmpje

Free, Shared, Online Tools for Museums « westmuse

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Een verhaal over free,shared en online tools die voor musea beschikbaar zijn. Interessante lezing

100″ Multitouch Table Exhibit Exploring The Electromagnetic Spectrum | Museum Media

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weer een post uit de

Ideum is installing a number of new technology-based exhibits for the Wonders of the Universe | Space Chase Gallery exhibition at Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the exhibits we collaborated on includes a large-scale multitouch table that allows visitors to explore and learn about the Electromagnetic Spectrum in new ways. Read more: Ideum blog.

Here’s a screen-based project to love! | Museum Media

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Een project gezien op

Now here’s a screen-based project to love! Artist Chris O’Shea inserted some clever computerized wizardry into very large public video screens called, aptly enough, Big Screens sponsored by the BBC and placed around various cities in the UK. Read more ExhibiTricks.

Hand from Above from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.