vrijdag, december 12, 2008

voor de liefhebber van weirde instrumenten

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www.drawdio.com Drawdio brings to life the everyday interconnections between people and environment, encouraging you to use your sense of touch, and letting you hear otherwise invisible electrical connections by creating, remixing, and playing. How Can I Participate? Build it on your own or build it from a kit. Then modify it, remix it, and invent with it. How Was It Invented? One day I bought a "harmonium" kit at the street market in Bangalore. I hacksawed the keyboard off to make the first ever drawdio circuit. We played with it at a local school in the slums using plants, water, our foreheads, etc. My friend told me graphite would work too. Meditating on it, I realized the Drawdio circuit should be literally attached to a pencil to "draw audio," and that's where the name came from: Draw + Audio.

I like showing how ideas germinate. So here is a video of the very first day I ever used the circuit. (Many sources influenced the design of the Drawdio circuit. This video shows how the early evolution was coproduced by children at Drishya, and you can see early influence of the PICO Cricket.)