woensdag, april 08, 2009


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met koptelfoon kijken..
what the F$#@$

Kijken.. nu!


Omegle chat

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http://omegle.com/static/logo.png http://omegle.com/static/chatbutton.png

chat met vreemden..de nieuwe rage???

Men noemt het in de krant ook wel lijken op "Truckstop bathroom sex"

voorbeeld van een snelle chat die ik had:

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hey nehterlands here
Stranger: australia..
You: just got word of this servioce in the morning newspaper
Stranger: just saw it on a youtube vid..
You: you think this is goning to work?
Stranger: what's its aim ?
You: sorry bout the typos
You: quick and dirty typer i am haha
Stranger: np
Stranger: aha oh boy ;]
Stranger: or girl ?
Stranger: meh..
You: aim?.. i think is a counter"attack"
You: on all those profile sites
Stranger: oh i see..
Stranger: nice, takes the shallowness out
You: it would be boring to speak with people who do the same thing as you do
You: "oh you play tennis too....nice......bye"
You: likethat
Stranger: yeaah..
You: yeah shallownes
You: or maybe you are forced to have a shallow chat because you dont have anything
to talk about?
Stranger: just wondering, are yu male or female ?
You: male
You: why
Stranger: mmtrue..
Stranger: curious
You: why should it be important
You: mmm coulkd be important
Stranger: it's not important
You: but its an east q
You: uestion
You: whats your work
You: for instance
You: me im a designer in a interactive media company
Stranger: oh,
Stranger: i'm a student.
Stranger: 18.
You: making games installations for kids and younth]
You: youth
Stranger: nice..
You: haha so your chatting at school/college now?
You: or havingthe day off?
Stranger: it's 6pm here.
Stranger: andd, just got 3 weeks holidays.
You: well goodmorning
You: its 9:55
Stranger: pm would be evening. :P
You: yeez
Stranger: so yeh, goodmorning to you.
You: hehe
You: oh yeah evening ofcourse
You: may be ill do this again
Stranger: yah, this i actually quite like this site
You: its easy and quick
You: for sure
Stranger: something to do when i'm bored
You: hah a "casual chat"
You: like twitter
Stranger: yeh.. the things i'm hopeless at tbh
Stranger: nehh, i hate twitter.
You: but some body whos talking back
You: me too
Stranger: honestly, who is interested in every little thing someone does
Stranger: so concieted some people
You: its more about broadcasting then receiving
You: shouting your thoughts and actions
Stranger: yeah i made an account, logged on once, never again
You: haha improtant
You: hih
Stranger: pointless thoughts and actions more often then not
You: oh maaan
You: pffff
Stranger: lol.
Stranger: english your second language?
You: yeah i think twitter is filling a "gap" for some people
You: whoe have maybe no real friends?
You: i guess
Stranger: or run off attention.. like most of my peers
You: mm what do you mean
You: how do you use the word peers
You: (there goes my second language)
Stranger: on tiwtter, they speak about what theyre doing, in hopes of attention and interest
You: yeah
Stranger: just like irl, they speak about pointless things in hope of getting the spot light for a moment
You: still there must be some good behind that idea
Stranger: yeah, networking.
You: its a sort of diary
You: but i think nobidy should be readingit
Stranger: and,organisations or individuals with important announcements
Stranger: other then that it has no real use
Stranger: and, if people want a diary, just go to livejournal.
You: don;t know that one
You: is/was it cool?
You: well not cool
You: i mean does it work for a lot of people
You: does it have the mobile widgets or other quick "type in" functions?
Stranger: yeahh, i don't use it much, but allows you to post pictures/poems
/stories/etc and there's a lot of "communitys" on there, that supply to a whole range of interests

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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